Customized Private Water Sessions

      Experience the Ocean in a whole NEW way & Dissolve    

             Fears through the medium of  WATER! 


Do you yearn to reconnect with the aquatic world... to feel comfortable and safe in the big blue ocean or in ANY body of water?  Is there something that prevents you from enjoying the beautiful world of water and do you have a desire to experience it in a new way? 

I can help! 

It is my passion and my purpose to assist others to reconnect to themselves and back to nature through the healing medium of water. 

The ocean itself has been a source of healing & wellness in many traditions.  Hawaiians adorn their bodies with treasures from the ocean to symbolize unity.  All of nature, seen and unseen is considered Ohana (Family).  Water, specifically saltwater -is used in many ways.  It is used in cleansing ceremonies, blessings, purification rituals, for prayer, and for play.   Salt itself is one of the most healing of all medicines.  It bathes wounds and is used for medicinal salves and tinctures.    Salt water can cleans and flush our bodies and is made up of ions, salt, and almost all the known elements on the planet.

The watery world lets you take a good look at what peace really means...being caressed by the water makes it easier to become more at peace with others, at peace with your own heart and your own being.   This brings you wellness, stillness, happiness, and love into each and every cell.

It is my personal mission and medicine that I offer you in this experience.


Kecia Joy



  1. -A transformative Element

  2. -Healing Properties

  3. -Life Sustaining

  4. -Cleansing

  5. -Peaceful

  6. -Ceremonial

  7. -Connecting

Kecia Joy

Private Guide

Certified Marine Biologist

Gentle & fun

Safe & Caring