Water is a very transformative element.  Over 70% of the planet is water, it is in our every cell, it comprises over 70% of our bodies also and before birth we were afloat in it.  It is life sustaining and connecting.  It has been used in ceremony by all indigenous peoples and is vital in most spiritual practices.

No wonder then, that we find comfort and healing in water.  It cleanses our body’s and spirit. Water flows and yields which allows for major shifting within ourselves. It offers both resistance and support. It dissolves boundaries and transmits and amplifies vibrations. 

You could say that water is a certain kind of unique medicine and it is my purpose and greatest joy to work with this medicine to facilitate the highest levels of wellness and transformation for each individual seeking to release and expand in this unique way.

It is my intension to bring about wellness and an evolution of consciousness within each individual seeking to heal and open even deeper within themselves.  To experience oneness and to remember who we really are.

I strive to assist others in finding confidence, comfort, and healing in any kind of water (Ocean, Lake, Stream, Pool)

I offer “Water Confidence Sessions” that include swim lessons, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and/or Kayaking and “Aquatic Wellness Sessions” using aquatic therapy modalities such as Watsu, Aqua Cranial, Deep Aquatic Body Work, Healing Transmissions, and much more to facilitate wellness and awakening.

Welcome to the healing world of water

Watsu/Aquatic Healing

  1. -Deep Relaxation

  2. -Transformation

  3. -Specializing in releasing Trauma

Water Confidence Sessions

  1. -Release Fear of water

  2. -Enjoy Water Activities Freely

  3. -Learn how to be completely comfortable in the Water

  1. - you will be able to go Swimming, Snorkeling, Paddle Boarding,Kayaking, and more!